Modern Creators


Galicia’s fashion and textile sector are characterized by always being on the front line. A sign of identity reaching our days with modern creators who continue to carry the name of Galicia around the world, though endowing it with a new dimension. Con–Fío en Galicia concludes this peculiar Galicia fashion show with new names: young designers and small firms which reinvent the sector by advocating values such as sustainability, local production and unique garments.

Con–Fío en Galicia exhibits at the Gaiás Centre Museum a kind of “new collection” with the meticulous designs by Eva Soto that enthralled Lady Gaga; or the more anthropological vision of fashion through José Castro, who dressed Sara Jessica Parker and her colleagues in the film Sex and the City. Together with them, new names of Galician creation such as Amai Rodríguez Coladas, Elena Rial and Jorge Vázquez, as well as small enterprises such as D-Due and the way it reinvented luxury, the environmental engagement of  Knitbrary and Latitude, and the experimental creations by LaCanalla.

Amai Rodríguez (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) AMAI RODRÍGUEZ
Bimba y Lola (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) BIMBA Y LOLA
Elena Rial (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) ELENA RIAL
Sara Coleman (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) SARA COLEMAN
José Castro (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) JOSÉ CATRO
La Canalla (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) LA CANALLA
Eva Soto (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) EVA SOTO
Gonzalo Vázquez (Foto: Pixi Arnoso) GONZALO VÁZQUEZ