CON–FÍO EN GALICIA | The City of Culture of Galicia becomes a fashion set on which to show the weight of Galicia’s textile industry in the world through the exhibition ‘Con–Fío en Galicia’, a tribute to a sector that managed to situate Galicia as a point of reference in the international scene.

Throughout 300 exhibits, ‘Con–Fío en Galicia’ offers a journey through this strategic sector, comprising 300 businesses employing some 13,000 people and accounting for 6.5% of the region’s GDP. Around 100 unique fashion looks made in Galicia, modern reinterpretations of historic costumes, valuable private collections and a selection of photographic and audiovisual material guide the visitor along the most outstanding milestones of our textile history.

Curated by the historian Miguel Anxo Seixas Seoane, this show focuses on key moments of our textile industry: the emergence experienced in the 1980s in Galicia with the famous statement of ‘Wrinkles are beautiful’ by Adolfo Domínguez, the creations by Roberto Verino, Antonio Pernas or the group ‘Galicia Moda’ (Gene Cabaleiro, Florentino, Caramelo, María Moreira, María Mariño…); and the phenomenon of Inditex, the first textile group in the world today. Together with them, renowned values in design such as Sara Coleman, Eva Soto and José Castro, who have dressed iconic characters such as Lady Gaga or the protagonists of ‘Sex and the City’.

In order to arrive here, Galicia’s textile industry traveled a long way which ‘Con–Fío en Galicia’ recreates as a journey through History: from the Stone Age to Romanticism, from the start of production of linen all the way to tailoring and the initial textile industries such as the sewing-machine manufacturer Refrey and the shirt maker Regojo from Redondela, which had Salvador Dalí as a model for its advertising campaigns. Paintings, objects and documents complement the historic reenactments made by the students of ESDEMGA, the EASD Mestre Mateo and by the Galician author Arantza Vilas of Pinaki Studio -responsible, among others, for the wardrobe of the series ‘Game of Thrones’- with one single objective: to provide the standards needed to tailor the suit of Galician fashion.